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Producers tend to fall in two categories: ball busters or everyone's best friend. Danielle is the rare find that does both. Someone who can think across so many platforms, processes and industries along with an insatiable appetite for calmly navigating the unknown which is simply indispensable.

Chris Pearson, Founder / Director — The Experience Machine

I’ve known Danielle for 20+ years. She has always been as comfortable in a boardroom as she is in the studio. Unfazed, facilitating and fostering with a kind and collaborative approach that draws on her multifaceted and meaningful network of contacts. She has always sought out the greats in the industry and complements them well with her fast, frank and original outlook.

Dan Chalmers, Head of Music EMEA, Youtube / Google

I have worked with Danielle for many years, she is an excellent producer and organiser, with a creative eye for detail and opportunity. We have made many projects together, ranging from still life shoots to a massive installation for London Design Week. She has a great attitude and makes things happen.

Dan Tobin Smith, Photographer / Director

Walking the line between prioritising the creative while delivering on practical considerations isn’t easy but Danielle demonstrates the ability to deftly balance the two, keeping everyone happy in the process. Danielle combines true professionalism with a warm, fun human touch and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Rachel Thomas, Set Designer & Art Director

Danielle’s an amazing mix of experience, professionalism and above all; a super positive, anything is possible attitude that makes her such a pleasure to work with. She is someone that will brighten up any production and make everyone’s day better.

James Tonkin, Director — Hangman

Danielle Edwards, with her sunny disposition, was a joy to work with during her time at ie: music. Buzzing with ideas, organised and with an ability to deal with artists and their often difficult demands with aplomb, she was a terrific asset to our company.

Tim Clark, Founder / Chairman — ie: music